It will take three years for our competitors to build a marketing system solution for you


We can achieve it in three months

Say goodbye to low-efficient sales of ad unit Use digital marketing solution system to improve income

Say goodbye to complicated SDK management and integration Embrace monetization without SDK integration

Multiple Ad Platform Mediation Solution without SDK

Media publishers usually choose to integrate with multiple SDK to improve their monetization performance. Then here raises a question: is there a way to get rid of multiple SDK integration but manage and ensure high traffic monetization by using API? Etoron provides you mediation solution to monetize without SDK integration. With S2S API, Etoron helps you reach multiple ad platforms in one place, and provides smart marketing optimization based on devices. Our mediation solution connects with dozens of well-known DSPs both in China and overseas, including Baidu, Tencent, Ali, Smaato, etc., which ensures high ad fill rate and maximal revenue.

Private Ad Cloud Platform

We are witnessing the coming era that requires elaborate operation in traffic. Taking care of user experience, and improving the sales ability in a faster speed are the keys for media to achieve business success. Etoron private ad cloud platform aims to build a special solution for publishers, including complete DSP, ADX, DMP and RTB, etc. By tailoring the business workflow for each publisher, Etoron will maximize media publishers’ satisfaction to meet their programmatic exchange needs and provide a real private ad platform. Ad sales model is not only limited to CPT but expand to multiple models including CPM, CPC, CPA and RTB, etc., which makes precise targeting and result-driven ad sales possible. With multi-dimensional and real-time report, more direct advertisers can join in the ad exchange process.

Private Ad DMP Solution

In the fast developing programmatic ad exchange market, having mature and trustable DMP is the key to run successful campaigns in DSP. Etoron DMP solution was first launched in North America then came into China in 2015. After 5-year data accumulation, Etoron has formed a complete and efficient system solution to collect and analyze user data. With Etoron private implementation solution, agents, advertisers and media publishers can enjoy the significant improvement in advertising performance and get our promise of the safety of their own data.

One-stop ADS Advertiser for private AD

Via the one-stop ADS system, ADS company as well as 直客广告主 ,will obtain multi platforms and resources from multi vertical medias. It reduces the cost of manpower and time during the ADS process by intergrating dozens of high-class platfroms and resources from hundreds of vertical medias, increase the dual efficiency of ” deal ” and” delivery”. With the special function of smart statistics, this system can updates data in real time, which increase the transperancy of media and let ADS with the features of “distinctness” ” transperancy” and “high-efficiency”.

Analytic service for other data

Etoron have the rich-experienced team with the through system solution , so we not only can supply the services of tracking the real-time data, but also can offer the series services of smart BI. Etoron will devote ourselves to the superb digital marketing solution.

System Feature Modules


About Etoron

Etoron is a digital ad system solution provider. We aim to support publishers and advertisers in every part of their business, from systems to operations, in this post-traffic era. We are using cloud, data and AI technology to save individuals from manual operation, to provide advertisers high efficient marketing solution and programmatic advertising platform, and to help advertisers optimize the performance of their brand and promotion results. We provide complex business solutions to digital media, including an independent, high performance ad server and platform that can handle 10 billion requests per day. Established in 2014, Etoron Technologies Inc. founded its headquarter in Vancouver, Canada then expanded its branches and IDC nodes to North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia and China. At present, more than fifty professionals and hundreds of partners from all over the world gathered at Etoron to provide high quality service to clients 24/7. We make your global business soar higher than you can imagine.
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