No daily commutes, no offices, no corporate attire, or mandatory hours. Work from home, from the beach, from a coffee shop. Work anywhere, as long as there is good Internet.


Photo from one of our employee’s travels in Georgia.

Remote work seems like a too-good-to-be true proposition for many. But the truth is, an increasing number of companies worldwide are adapting this type of work style. One third of business leaders who attended the Global Leadership Summit in London revealed they foresee their company’s full time employees will be working remotely by 2020.

US telecommuting figures* in the past few years also point to this trend:

  • Since 2005, there’s been a 103% increase in non-self employed, work-at-home employees.
  • About 3% of the US workforce (3.7 million employees) currently work from home at least half of the time.
  • Employee population increased by 1.9% from 2013-2014; while telecommuting employees grew by 5.6%.

Flexibility is King

It is no secret that people in today’s workforce struggle to keep a work-life balance. For many, flexibility is the top reason why employees are attracted to a company. With a remote work set up, there’s no morning rush, no office, no need for business attire. Perhaps you need to take a morning off for a doctor’s appointment, or adjust your work schedule to take your child to school. These options are open for people who work remotely. In this set-up, employees are recognized for what they’ve accomplished, not on time spent on their desks.

The average American employee commutes at least an hour a day to and from work. Imagine what you can do with those extra 5+ hours per week in your hands if you didn’t have to commute. Perhaps take up a new hobby, spend more time with family, get more involved in your community?

Digital Nomad

Etoron is an amazing tech startup with offices in Canada and China, with distributed team members from different parts of the world. Many of our employees seize the opportunity of working remotely by living some sort of a digital nomad lifestyle. Many travel around the world while working full-time, laptops (and cameras!) in tow, exploring the beauty of the world and immersing themselves in different cultures. They set their own hours based on what works best for them, and use technology to keep in touch with team members.

For us at Etoron, this work style is the norm, not just a reward or perk. In this digital age, we recognize that work is fluid – it can be done anytime, anywhere (as long as there is good Internet, of course). A study by Stanford researchers** revealed that working from home is the key to employee happiness and productivity. Judging from our overall employee performance and these amazing travel photos from our own digital nomads, we definitely agree.



Photos by Lilit Gevorgyan



Cultural diversity

It’s pretty cool to think you have a colleague in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Shenzhen or Russia – and all of you virtually collaborating to get the job done. Aside from traveling, one can also learn so much about the world by working with people from different cultures. There’s just so much opportunity to discover the beauty of another country just by talking to a colleague halfway across the world. It also encourages employees to be more open to varying points of view, appreciate each other’s individuality, and be more sensitive to cultural differences. Having a diverse workforce also sets the venue for a bigger pool of experiences and ideas.

Sounds like an awesome work set up? Good news, we’re looking for more people to join our multicultural team! Local or local, we don’t care, as long as you are committed.

Check out our available positions HERE.


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Etoron is a digital ad system solution provider. We aim to support publishers and advertisers in every part of their business, from systems to operations, in this post-traffic era. We are using cloud, data and AI technology to save individuals from manual operation, to provide advertisers high efficient marketing solution and programmatic advertising platform, and to help advertisers optimize the performance of their brand and promotion results. We provide complex business solutions to digital media, including an independent, high performance ad server and platform that can handle 10 billion requests per day. Established in 2014, Etoron Technologies Inc. founded its headquarter in Vancouver, Canada then expanded its branches and IDC nodes to North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia and China. At present, more than fifty professionals and hundreds of partners from all over the world gathered at Etoron to provide high quality service to clients 24/7. We make your global business soar higher than you can imagine.
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